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The technology developed by Minuta Tech. is about the unconventional nano-patterning, which was already published and registered in the form of technical paper and patent disclosure.
We have applied for 38 domestic patents and 5 international patents. Some of the applications are now registered.
We can provide the technology which make it possible to make a pattern down to half of 0.1m which is considered the limit of lithography technology in semiconductor industry.
Moreover, three dimensional shape, which can not be easily formed with the existing photo lithography device, can be formed with very ease.
Minuta tech has pioneered various application areas and provided a low cost alternative to optical and e-beam lithography applications.
The unconventional patterning technology can be categorized as follows;

- RTIL (Room Temperature Imprint Lithography)
- CFL (Capillary Force Lithography)
- Soft Molding
- Flash Replication
- Anisotropic Buckling
- State of the art patterning technique
- MOLD & Patterning Material

Using above mentioned technology, Minuta tech. can

1. replicate the same shape as in the master from micro scale to nano scale without any deformation.
2. apply for making non-spherical optical lens or optical elements such as micro concave or convex
1. lens, prism and diffusing reflector etc.
3. perform the patterning using the PR(photo resist) and enlarge the scope of PR usage for various pattern
1. forming scope.
4. deal with the a variety of organic and inorganic material and satisfy the application need.
5. provide a low cost alternative to optical and e-beam lithography applications.